Revisiting Call of Duty Ghosts


Revisiting Call of Duty Ghosts

Sure it is not one of the most popular games in the Call of Duty series, but today I thought I would go back in time and look at Call of Duty Ghosts. I actually spent a few hours playing this over the weekend so my thoughts are fresh as well as a little nostalgic.

Let me start by saying that I was all in with Call of Duty Ghosts! This along with Killzone Shadow Fall were the two main games that I was excited for when the PlayStation 4 launched. I could not wait to see what next gen Call of Duty would be like. So the hype I had for this game was unreal.

At the time I loved it and the thumbsticks on my launch PS 4 gave out and I attribute a huge part of that to Ghosts! The campaign is the weakest part of it for me, actually, I would go as far to say that this is one of the weaker campaigns in the history of Call of Duty.

However the multiplayer was as solid as ever and I really do think that Infinity Ward did a great job. Let’s remember they were the first developer who had to have one eye on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as the PS4 and Xbox One! This could not have been easy.

Instead of Zombies, we had Extinction. I actually played this for the first time in years over the weekend and I had a blast. Fighting off aliens is really cool and this is something that I wish another developer would take a stab as. I forgot how much fun this mode was, actually at the time the game came out I did not spend a ton of time with it. However, playing it for a few hours this weekend really made me enjoy and appreciate the mode more.

I think that Call of Duty Ghosts is a bit underappreciated when it comes to COD games. Many people just think of the lackluster campaign and paint the rest of the game with that brush. Which is very unfair as the rest of the game is actually a lot of fun.

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New Locations Coming To Blackout Mode


New Locations Coming To Blackout Mode

Blackout mode has been a phenomenal success for the folks at Treyarch and Activision. Of course, as with any Battle Royale style game, regular updates are required to keep players invested, interested and from looking over their shoulder to see what other games are doing.

We know that new areas are coming as there was a fun exchange on Twitter with the director and a fan. He confirmed that they are working on new areas for Blackout mode. We also know that Season 3 is on the way so the smart money is on that this is all happening sooner than later. Off the top of my head, the current event is due to end around mid to late February so I would assume Season 3 will happen around that time, of course, PlayStation owners will get to experience it first.

No teases were given on what we can expect from the new areas, but we all have things that we would like to see. I am a sucker for snow in games so any more snow locations that they could add to the map would be awesome in my book. I think a really deep and dense jungle section could be quite fun too as I have liked maps that have been jungle/forest based in past Call of Duty games.

I would suspect we will get an official announcement soon as no doubt this has opened the flood grates Treyarch and Activision will be getting bombarded with questions about these new locations and Season 3. So it is probably easier for them to just come out and announce something.

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Will Doom Eternal Come Out This Autumn


Will Doom Eternal Come Out This Autumn

This may seem like a bold question for me to ask, but something was announced that got my gears going and it was not specifically to do with Doom Eternal, but the new Doom movie.

Wait they are making a new Doom movie? Is what some of you may be asking, but yes, Universal is taking another stab at the Doom franchise. The as of right now untitled movie is pretty much finished, but Universal has delayed the release until this Autumn. The reason for this is not actually a bad one.

They like the way the movie is going and have decided to up the budget and improve the special effects to make “hell look more awesome” as they put it. Could this though be done as well so that they have a movie that can help promote Doom Eternal?

To be fair Doom Eternal is going to sell just fine on its own, but if the people at Universal got wind that the release date it towards the Autumn that could explain why the new Doom movie got its expected summer release pushed back. If anything this new Doom movie needs Doom Eternal to help sell it!

I say this because the new Doom movie is being handled by a smaller Universal team and is more than likely going to be a straight to DVD release or show up on something like Netflix. Having a huge game that is creating buzz would no doubt be a great way for Universal to get some hype behind their Doom movie.

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Who Spilled Ratatouille On My Overwatch


Who Spilled Ratatouille On My Overwatch???

If you are a fan of Overwatch then you are in for a treat as once again the guys and gals at Blizzard are treating us with a brand new map!

This new map is Paris and you can explore the lovely city of Paris and then destroy it! It is funny how they have a map of what is regarded the most romantic city on Earth in time for Valentine’s Day!

The map is all about capture the point. There is no escorting the payload here. That right away tells you that you are dealing with a smaller and tighter map. I actually really like this as it forces conflict between the sides and there are fewer places to hide. Although I was watching a few people on Twitch stream this and it does look like there are some great places you can sneak, hide and get the drop on people if you are crafty.

Currently, there is no word on when this is going to come to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It is on the PC Test Servers as I write this so that is why there are so many people streaming it on Twitch and also on YouTube. So go and have a look if you are not a PC gamer so you have an idea of what to expect.

Blizzard is truly awesome when it comes to keep giving content for free! How many characters and maps have been added to Overwatch since it launched a few years back? Could you ever imagine EA or Activision doing this with Call of Duty or Battlefield?

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Battlefield V Gets Its Second Patch


Battlefield V Gets Its Second Patch

The folks at Dice are still tinkering with Battlefield V and they have given us a second patch this January. This one is clearly not as big as the last update we got, but there are some interesting things.

The most notable one is the inclusion of a new vehicle, the Sturmgeschutz IV. This is a lower profile tank and with that comes some neat advantages. It is more nimble and quieter than a regular tank and you can also have a passenger manning another gun while you are trying to aim the main cannon. The drawback is you have to be facing the way you want the main cannon to go so you can be in trouble if you have a convoy coming up behind you.

If you take the time to read the patch notes you will notice that they have done a ton of little changes that while not major (well I think the footsteps one is) they do make the overall experience better. For example, load times in the campaign have been reduced on PC. Not being able to do the prone transition if you cannot go prone is pretty neat, it simply will not even allow you to attempt it.

No look kills are no longer an issue. Sometimes the enemy would be looking in the opposite direction of where they were shooting. It was always super annoying to get killed like this as it made you feel like they were cheating. Turns out they were not it was just a glitch in the game!

It is great to see the guys and girls at Dice putting a lot of work into Battlefield V to make it better and better.

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My First Experience With Call of Duty


My First Experience With Call of Duty

Today I thought that I would have a little bit of fun looking back at how I became familiar with the Call of Duty series. While it is one of the biggest video game series of all time, there was actually a period when Call of Duty was not around.

I remember grumblings about this new game called Call of Duty in various video game magazines back in 2003. During this time I actually worked in a video game store part time while I was at university. Back then we would get reps in from different companies and this one rep was in and he was talking about some upcoming games one of which was Call of Duty.

What was interesting about this “meeting” was that he was really selling the fact that this Call of Duty game was made by many of the people who worked on the Medal of Honor series and that they were sick of EA’s ways and wanted to start something new. Yes, there was a time when Activision was seen as the good guys!

This got me interested in the game and I kept an eye on that first Call of Duty. Unfortunately, I did not have a gaming PC at this time so I would have to wait a while for Call of Duty Finest Hour on the original Xbox. That right there is my first actual taste of Call of Duty action and while at the time the gaming press just talked about what a watered down version of the PC game it was. I loved every minute of it and it was a huge hit with me and my buddies as a multiplayer game.

I dabbled in the series, but the game that really blew me away and made me take notice of the series was Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360. This was one of the first games I got for my Xbox 360 and I was blown away at how “real” it was over what I had been playing on my PS2 and original Xbox. While I enjoyed Finest Hour, it was Call of Duty 2 that made me really stand up and take notice.

This ultimately led to Call of Duty becoming one of my favorite game franchises of all time and it is a series that I look forward to each and every year and I think for the most part I am happy with each game….. some more so than others, but I have not played a COD game that I hated.

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What Handy Fixes Are Coming To Battlefield 5


What Handy Fixes Are Coming To Battlefield V

Dice have said that they have a couple of fixes coming to Battlefield 5. Actually by the time you read this they very well could already be in place. They are not game changing or anything like that, but I feel that these two changes will help make the overall Battlefield experience be better.

The first one is the sound that footsteps make. I never noticed this until a buddy pointed it out, but the sound of footsteps in Battlefield V is super loud! Once you notice it there is no un noticing it either. It can be very hard to know if someone is close to you or if they are a little bit away.

Dice have said that they have done some major work on the footsteps and now it should be a million times easier to know if someone is actually close by to you.

The other change that is coming is the kill cam. This is one that I am very thankful for. The kill cam can sometimes feel like it is lasting forever! It is very frustrating when all you want to do is get back into the game. This is especially frustrating when things are tight or when you are having the game of your life and you just want to get back into the action.

While Battlefield 5 may not have caught on like Dice and EA would have hoped that it did. The fact they are working hard to make changes like this is something that I really do appreciate.

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Blackjack Coming To Black Ops IIII


Blackjack Coming To Black Ops IIII

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is getting a really cool update and there is one thing that is part of the update that I am very excited for. Blackjack!

Blackjack is one of those game modes that I really wish each Call of Duty developer would just have as part of the actual game. Blackjack is a slightly different take on Gun Game. Gun Game is one of my favorite Call of Duty game modes as it is always a blast and you never know how a game is going to pan out.

What makes Blackjack so much fun is that the way you win is by cycling through every gun that is available in the match. So there is no time limit, you progress to a new gun with each kill you get and you are demoted with each death you take.

As the winner is the person who gets through all the guns first, it encourages offensive play. Not only that you can spend ages struggling to get through the first couple of guns only to hit a hot streak and get right back in contention. Blackjack is a mode where it truly is never over until it is over and no matter how far behind you are you always have a chance.

I am super excited for this to be added to Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. As it is going to be a limited time game mode (well I am pretty sure it is) I am going to make sure I play as much Blackjack as I can.

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Will RAGE 2 Blow Us Away


Will RAGE 2 Blow Us Away?

There are some big first person shooters coming in 2019. One game that is just a few months away, but does not seem to have much hype behind it is RAGE 2.

I was not a huge fan of the first RAGE game. I played it on the PlayStation 3 and I do not even think that I actually finished it. It was not a bad game by any means, but it just did not grab me as I had hoped.

I do think that RAGE 2 though looks like it is going to be balls to the wall action. Bethesda are great at creating open worlds and an open world that is full of mutants after being decimated by an asteroid is certainly something that I can get on board with!

The few trailers that we have seen look like this game is going to be nuts. I am getting some kind of weird Borderlands/Doom and a little sprinkling of Fallout from this game from what I have seen. The weapons look crazy and I cannot wait to blow mutants into a million pieces.

One thing that I hope is good in RAGE 2 is the story. I know that wanting a story in a game like this may seem odd, but I really like all the killing I am doing to have a purpose and even that last Doom game had a great story so it can be done.

I really hope that Bethesda is going to show off a little bit more of RAGE 2 in the coming weeks as that release date is getting closer and closer. 2019 is looking like a stacked year (just like last year) for games and I hope that RAGE 2, first of all, does not disappoint, but I also hope it can stand out from the crowd and do well.

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blog post


Microtransactions In Battlefield V Are Delayed

I have to be honest right off the bat here and say that this is one delay that I personally am not too sad about! It turns out that Battlefield V has had a real hard time getting its Microtransactions just right.

Currently, we are all used to the “Company Coins” system that Battlefield V has. Well, I say we are used to it. I do know a couple of people personally who say that they have flat out been screwed out of their Company Coins as they have played the game. They are not the only ones and while DICE has said they will make good on all Company Coins that players have earned.

Until this is fixed they have decided to delay the release of their Microtransactions which as I write this are still scheduled to be called, Battlefield Coins. This is a real nightmare for the guys and gals at DICE. Look at the disaster that was Star Wars Battlefront II and its Microtransactions which was so bad they had to scrap them!

I wonder if this is what is going to end up happening in Battlefield V too? While the real world money you are spending can only be used for cosmetic items, it is still pretty annoying if this was something that you were planning on getting into.

This is just yet another thing in the troubled life of Battlefield V that DICE and EA have to deal with. I still say, Battlefield V is a fun game and worth checking out, but I have to wonder going forward what EA and DICE are going to do with this and the Battlefront franchise.

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