Halo Retrospective Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

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Halo Retrospective Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo Retrospective Part 7: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
Our modded Xbox One controllers and our modded Xbox 360 controllers are the best way to experience pretty much any first person shooter and we are looking at the origins of one of the biggest first person shooters of all time!
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (2011) Xbox 360
By this point, Bungie was gone and it would be 343 Industries who Microsoft would hand the Halo reigns to. This remake of the first game would be their first chance to win over Halo fans.
The first Halo game was a monster hit and this anniversary edition took the original game and remastered it. The visuals were breathtaking and it really did bring the original Halo up to what the other games had become. The visuals really were incredible, but one of the most amazing features of this game was how with the press of a button, you could turn the graphics back to the old style! This was really cool and it was amazing to see just how much work the team had done to improve the visuals.
The game featured the whole campaign and the new visuals really did make you feel like you were experiencing it again for the first time. For the multiplayer, they basically just took what Halo Reach offered and repackaged it here, but to be honest that was not a bad thing at all.
While not a brand new Halo game. Many fans were very happy with Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. They felt that it was a great first attempt for the folks at 343 Studios and many felt comfortable with the series in their hands.