Why People Still Love Call Of Duty Black Ops 3


Why People Still Love Call Of Duty Black Ops 3!

We did a blog post recently about how much we loved Advanced Warfare and why so many people still do. But there is still a lot of love for what many consider to be Treyarch’s best Call Of Duty, Black Ops 3.
This is evident in the fact that despite this game being a couple of years old, Treyarch are still supporting it with updates! It actually got one just a week or so ago when they made some general bug fixes and even did some work on the weapon balancing.
The Black Ops series is a real favorite of Call Of Duty fans and while we have a feeling that Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 will be the last game in the series, it is a great way to go out. It featured some of the most fast and frantic multiplayer the series had ever seen. That is why so many people are still playing it online!
Also the fact that Treyarch are still tweaking things here and there shows that they take a lot of pride in this game. Some people refused to move onto Infinite Warfare and instead just stuck with Black Ops 3, that was how much people loved this game. One of the best things about the Black Ops series was the way that they mixed in different periods of time. You had some stuff happen in the past, but also the near future as well and that gave the gameplay a really good mix.
Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is certainly a real favorite in the Call Of Duty community and it is crazy how even a couple of years later the guys at Treyarch are still working hard on the game.