Why Call Of Duty WW2 Is The Most Festive Game Of 2017


Why Call Of Duty WW2 Is The Most Festive Game Of 2017!

Why Call Of Duty WW2 Is The Most Festive Game Of 2017
Ok so this may be a weird statement, but playing games that give you that holiday feels is something that we like to do. Donkey Kong Country’s snow themed levels, Diddy Kong Racing and its Frosty Village to name just two. But we feel that this year’s Call Of Duty Winter Siege event has made Call Of Duty WW2  the most festive triple A title of this holiday season!
The headquarters looks like Santa’s sleigh crash landed there as it is so festive. You can throw around Christmas snow globes with your buddies. Right in front of the Quartermaster there is a lovely Christmas tree, but unfortunately, the Quartermaster does not exactly have a look of Christmas joy on his face, but hey at least the tree is cool. Plus there are Christmas lights all over the place.
Of course, the main event of the Call Of Duty Winter Siege event is those wonderful loot boxes. We know that loot boxes are taking a real beating in the press these days. But we do feel that Sledgehammer has tried to keep their Call Of Duty WW2 loot boxes light and fun. We have talked about the Winter Siege supply drops before where you can get some pretty neat festive items that will make it extra fun when you are waging war this holiday season. Of course, playing the game on the Carentan Map which is covered in snow also helps get you into the holiday spirit….. well as much as the horrors of World War II can of course.
We have had a blast with Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege and we are sure that you guys who will be opening it up on Christmas morning will too. Just be warned that you only have around a week after Christmas to enjoy the event so make the most of it.