Why Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Deserves A Second Chance

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Why Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Deserves A Second Chance

Look, we love Call Of Duty WWII, but the way people are acting like it saved the franchise after the “horrible” Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare we feel is a bit harsh. Was Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare a perfect game? No, it was not, but it did so much right that we feel it deserves a second chance by some of you guys who decided you hated it when that first trailer dropped and then never actually gave the game a chance.
The Story Is Fun
Ok, so the story is set in outer space, is completely over the top and features characters (apart from Ethan) who are not all that memorable. But while you are playing the game it is a wild ride. It is like an over the top meathead sci-fi action movie and it is a lot of fun to play through. With big set pieces, antigravity sections and space battles. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare’s campaign is far better than people give it credit for.
Best Zombies Mode Yet!
We know this is a bold statement and that Infinite Warfare was heavily supported with DLC (which was awesome) but even if you take the basic Zombies In Spaceland. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare has the most fun zombies mode of any COD game. It is 80’s campy fun and it is a wild ride from the moment you enter the amusement park. It is well worth checking out the DLC as well as these are just as much fun.
Solid Multiplayer
Say what you will about the setting, but Infinite Warfare features a solid multiplayer experience. With solid net code and a ton of fun game modes, the wall running, boosting and futuristic weapons make for a really fun and wild multiplayer experience.