When Does Call Of Duty Resistance Dlc Come To Xb1 And PC


When Does Call Of Duty The Resistance Come To Xb1 And PC?

Many PlayStation owners have spent the last day or so getting to grips with the first pack for Call Of Duty WW2, The Resistance. In this pack, we get three  maps a new War Mode scenario and some new Nazi Zombies content. In all honesty, it is easy to say that  just wants more money, but there is a lot of content in this first  pack and if you like Call Of Duty WW2, you will love this  pack.
However, the annoying thing is that since this console generation started and the PlayStation 4 outsold the  One by a rather large margin. It was PlayStation who would get first access to all of the  packs for Call Of Duty. This means people who play on  One and PC will have to wait for 30 days, which will put the Resistance pack up for download on roughly the 1st of March!
I know how annoying this can be, especially as while I have a PS4, I also have an  Xb1 X in the house so I also have Call Of Duty WW2 for that. Will these extra 30 days make a difference? If there are any bugs or kinks in this first  pack (I have not come across any yet, although I seem to struggle to get a game on the Occupation map) they will hopefully be ironed out for when the  is made available for PC and  One.
It does suck how the  does not come out on all formats at the same time, but COD is not the only game that does this! Still, I am pretty sure you Call Of Duty WW2  One and PC players will be happy with The Resistance when it comes out in a few weeks.