When Can We Expect Some New Battlefield 5 News


When Can We Expect Some New Battlefield 5 News?

While it is looking very likely that Battlefield 5 is going to be released later in 2018. Actually, it could be more of a surprise if Battlefield 5 was not released in 2018.
The next big EA event will, of course, be EA Play which is going to take place right before this year’s E3 in June. It would not be all that surprising if they gave some information during their Play event and then a little bit more during E3.
EA is so far keeping things really close to the chest with Battlefield and that is understandable. EA (all because of their own doing) had a nightmare of a time with Star Wars Battlefront II. So they will not want to be making those same mistakes again. I would think that when they do showcase Battlefield 5 or whatever it is they are going to call it. That they will have a clear and easy to understand set of features that the next Battlefield will have…. Microtransactions is something I am sure it will not!
The big rumor, of course, is that Battlefield 5 is going to be set during World War II. Many people are surprised to know that World War II has not been a setting in a Battlefield game in the better part of a decade. So while World War II would not be a new setting for a first-person shooter, especially after last year’s Call Of Duty WWII. It would be a fresh take on the Battlefield series. The problem is that COD WWII was so well received that EA is going to have to really make sure Battlefield is packed with features to make people forget about last year’s Call Of Duty game.
I really thought that some news would have leaked in regards to Battlefield 5 by now, but EA is doing great at keeping it all close to the chest and after last year’s Battlefront II, who can blame them?