What To Expect From The Next Chapter Of Cod WW2 Nazi Zombies

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What To Expect From The Next Chapter Of Cod WW2 Nazi Zombies
What To Expect From The Next Chapter Of Cod WW2 Nazi Zombies!
Of course with the Call Of Duty WW2 War Machine DLC pack comes a new chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga. I must say that Nazi Zombies is one of the best zombie modes yet in Call Of Duty. I did enjoy the more campy take on zombies that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare did, but I am really liking this more serious and horror approach in Call Of Duty WWII.
What we know about the next chapter in the Call Of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies is that it is called, The Shadowed Throne. The Shadowed Throne will see us storm the very heart of Nazi Germany. Berlin is in ruin and Doctor Straub has is undead army wrecking havoc and killing any allies that they come across. We are right in the middle of this and need to try and put a stop to it.
From what little has been revealed, I have a feeling that The Shadowed Throne is going to be a bit more epic in its scale. This is because it is taking place right in the heart of Germany, so I am excited to see what is happening. Plus, I am sure that Doctor Straub has some more and new nasty Nazi Zombies for us to deal with. The more gruesome looking zombies that have been coming to eat us in Nazi Zombies have been very well designed and I am looking forward to what sick and twisted designs they have for this next chapter.
Call Of Duty War Machine and its next chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga, The Shadowed Throne is a little over a week away and I am so excited, I think it is going to be the first thing I check out in the game.