What Things Need To Be Fixed In Call Of Duty WW2?


What Things Need To Be Fixed In Call Of Duty WW2?

What Things Need To Be Fixed In Call Of Duty WWII  
Do not get me wrong, I have had a blast with Call Of Duty WW2 and Sledgehammer Games have been very good at updating the game. However, there are things that I feel could be fixed and that I what I want to talk about today.
How Long Spectating Lasts
Getting stuck in spectating mode is something many people have complained about since the game launched. It has happened to me on more than a few occasions and it is very annoying. I have missed whole rounds of games, due to being stuck in the spectating mode for an unfairly long time.
Progression Is Kind Of Slow
The progression in Call Of Duty WW2 is far slower than it has been in previous years. I am not saying it is Star Wars Battlefront II level of slow. But it certainly feels like it takes longer to progress in this game than the last few. I do not know the exact stats, but the rate you earn XP certainly feels like it is much slower than in previous games.
Shotguns Are Kind Of Lame
Ok, so this may be a personal gripe here. For me, the combat shotgun is the only shotgun that off the bat is any good. The rest of the all require some major tweaking in order to give you any kind of fighting chance on the battlefield. I know that Call Of Duty WW2 is going for a more realistic approach, but it just makes using shotguns more of a chore than fun.
These are just three small things that I would love to see Sledgehammer Games fix in the next Call Of Duty WW2 patch, but what about you? What do you think needs fixing in Call Of Duty WW2?