How You Can Get The Most Out Of Week 3 Of Call Of Duty Resistance Event


How You Can Get The Most Out Of Week 3 Of Call Of Duty Resistance Event

So as I write this the third week of The Resistance event in Call Of Duty WWII has been underway for around a day. We have until the 13th of February to enjoy this and Sledgehammer have some pretty awesome rewards.
Demolition Mode: In Demolition 24/7 which is on the featured playlist. Each of the daily orders is related to this mode. None of the orders are too hard, to be honest with the ones where you have to get 35 or 30 kills possibly being the ones that will cause people the most problems.
Nazi Zombies: I freaking love Nazi Zombies and The Darkest Shore is fantastic. Now it is even better as they are using Zombies as their double XP game mode for week 3 of The Resistance Event.
Weekly Orders: There are three weekly orders, one is just to play 25 matches of Demolition. The other two may be a little more tricky with one requiring 30 long range kills and the other 100 kills with the pistol… no way I will be able to do that one!
Do Not Forget Your Free Gift: Of course as is the case with each week, you get a free gift. So make sure you do not forget to go to the mail post to get it. It can be so easy to keep blowing this off until the next day and then before you know it, the week is over and you have missed out!