Cryptic Tweet About Call Of Duty 2018?


Cryptic Tweet About Call Of Duty 2018?

Cryptic Tweet About Call Of Duty 2018?  
While I am still very into Call Of Duty WWII and the Resistance Event has certainly gotten me even more hooked. I would be not being 100 percent honest if I said that I did not have one eye on what Treyarch are cooking up for Call Of Duty 2018.
There was a rather weird tweet put out yesterday by David Vonderhaar, who has been deep in the Call Of Duty trench since World At War and he is a guy who loves to talk to the fans. Well, this tweet really does not make much sense as he said,
DAMN. Been a long time since I went that hard, that long. To be honest, I’m glad my last version got 💩 on.
I wasn’t showing the commitment to my own convictions about what we are doing, but I was too close to see it. This version kept it 💯.”
Which when you read it ten times still does not make a lot of sense, but the whole internet is buzzing that this could be a cryptic tweet about the next Call Of Duty game. Was Treyarch working on something and then Activision said no, we want you to do this instead? Could it be a Black Ops 4? Maybe it is something that is a whole new Call Of Duty Experience? There was a job posting a while back looking for people who had an understanding of modern military equipment so that could all tie into what the next Call Of Duty game is going to be.
There is still a lot of mileage left in Call Of Duty WWII and going back to WWII was a lot of fun, but I would love to see another call Of Duty set in the modern age and I think Treyarch is the team that can really pull it off.