Tips For Team Deathmatch In Call Of Duty WWII

Tips For Team Deathmatch In Call Of Duty WW2  

Tips For Team Deathmatch In Call Of Duty WWII

We are getting back to basics today as we look at some simple tips which can greatly help your K/D ration in Call Of Duty WWII Team Deathmatch!
Watch Where You Run
Do not just run around in a wide open space and then be surprised that you were picked off by an enemy you did not even see! Learn each map and figure out the safest ways to get around. Being successful in Team Deathmatch is just as much about knowing the map as it is actually being a badass soldier.
Flank The Enemy
Many people just charge at the enemy head on and hope for the best, well if you can see the enemy do not do that. At best you have a 50/50 chance of coming out on top. Instead of going head on, try to flank them from the side which will give you a better chance at winning the firefight.
Take Your Time
Yes saying take your time in a run and gun shooter like Call Of Duty WWII is kind of weird. But if you want to help your team win, running around getting 1 kill for every 2 times you are killed is not helping. The teams that dominate in team Deathmatch do so by commanding a steady lead throughout the battle. So if you find yourself on the end of a real beating, start to slow it down and look for smart kills rather than running around like a maniac.
Pick The Right Weapon For The Map
If you are on a map where you will be spending a lot of time inside, in close spaces. Pick something like a shotgun. However, for the more open maps, a shotgun may not be best and you want something that has a little range to it. Changing weapons depending on the map you are on is something all the best Call Of Duty players do.