Thoughts On The Port A Fort In Fortnite


Thoughts On The Port A Fort In Fortnite

As I write this I am patiently waiting for today’s update to appear for Fortnite Battle Royale. Like the rest of the world, I have been well and truly hooked by Fortnite. I have really appreciated how good Epic have been when it comes to dropping regular updates and on the 11th of April (which is when I am writing this), a new update is about to drop.
Port-A-Fort is what has gotten me and many of you guys excited about this upcoming update. The Port-A-Fort from what I understand is a grenade like item. We have all been in the scenario where we are strolling along, feeling good about ourselves and then you come under fire. Before you can even build up some defenses you are dead!
Some folks are fantastic at the building aspect of Fortnite…. Some like me are not. When you use the Port-A-Fort grenade it will quickly create a structure for you. You can use this to hide, heal or just regroup. It is going to be the kind of thing that can really save your butt in a tight spot. I think it is going to be the kind of item that most people will keep on them for a whole game and in many cases never actually use it as many players may see this as an emergency item.
The video that Epic posted on their Twitter shows just how useful this can be, you are under attack, all is lost, but using the Port-A-Fort can give you that one last chance at getting out of whatever situation you are in!