The Most Disappointing Call Of Duty Games?


The Most Disappointing Call Of Duty Games?

am a huge Call Of Duty fan and I have said numerous times that Call
Of Duty WWII is one of the best games in years. I have talked about
underrated Call Of Duty games before here on the site. However today
I want to talk about the Call Of Duty games that disappointed me. To
be fair, the majority of the games in this series are fantastic so I
only have two games that I feel were not as good as I would have
Of Duty Black Ops Declassified (PlayStation Vita)
think the PlayStation Vita was a criminally underrated system and the
fact that it had two analog sticks meant that we could get an FPS
game on the go that played just like the home consoles. Sadly what we
got was a very half assed Call Of Duty game that felt like it was
rushed out in order to be released in time for Christmas. The
campaign (if you could call it that) could be beaten in about an hour
and the game was very buggy. I feel that with a little more
development time, Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified could have been
awesome and the start of a PlayStation Vita series of games, but due
to the terrible response and the fact the Vita did not exactly sell
like hot cakes, it was the only COD game we got.
Of Duty Ghosts (PlayStation 4)
passed on the Xbox 360 version of Call Of Duty Ghosts in order to
wait for the PlayStation 4 version and I do not know what I was
expecting, but Call Of Duty Ghosts kind of fell flat with me. I have
some buddies who love this game, but when I first got it, I jumped
into the campaign first, which was a mistake as the campaign is one
of the most boring in the series. To be fair the multiplayer is fun,
but that campaign left a real sour taste in my mouth and by the time
I was done with that, I decided that I had enough of Call Of Duty
Ghosts. I really should go back and give this a second chance.
are the only two Call Of Duty games that have disappointed me and to
be fair, Ghosts is not a bad game at all. Are there any COD games
that you feel have been disappointing? I would love to hear about it
in the comments down below.