Overwatch Halloween Terror | Now Live 2017

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Overwatch Halloween Terror | Now Live 2017
Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Is Now Live!
Overwatch is an awesome game. It is not just that it is a very fun and accessible first person shooter. But the whole style and lore behind it that has really gotten people hooked. Blizzard really did knock it out of the park.
Last year, Junkenstein’s Revenge was a huge success and now the mode is back as part of this year’s Halloween event. But rather than just playing through a few hordes of enemies. You can now play it for as long as you like in order to see how long you can last. The real star though is the new Halloween themed skins which people are going crazy for and really praying that they are going to get when they open up a loot box. There is going to be a ton of cool new items for us to try and get and we have until the 2nd of November to get them which should hopefully be enough time to make it happen.
The fact that Blizzard is giving this away for free is one of the reasons that so many people get into Overwatch. Sure you have to grind like hell to get them all, but as the game is so much fun to play, many people really do not mind this at all.
So remember you have until November 2nd to take advantage of this. This is certainly something we are going to do as we were really bummed out last year when they took Junkenstein’s Revenge away after the event finished! 
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 14 – GTA V
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 14
Today is a sad, but also kind of fun day as you are joining us for our last installment of our Grand Theft Auto retrospective.
Grand Theft Auto V(2013/14/15) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Grand Theft Auto V was a monster of a game. It was far larger in scope than any other GTA game had been before and even now a couple of years later, people are still finding amazing new things in this game.
The story this time around saw you play the role of three different characters. You start off as Franklin a young dude who is just trying to scrape by. He tries to reposes a car from a man called, Michael who is a former career criminal who is trying to lay low after a job went to hell. Michael takes a liking to Franklin and takes him under his wing. Before long a run in with the feds, rival criminals and a whole load of other stuff from the past being brought up. Michael and Franklin cross paths with Trevor a lunatic who once worked with Michael and a guy who hates Michael, but at the same time needs to work with him.
Grand Theft Auto V allows you to switch between all three characters on the fly once they have all been unlocked. You will need to be a certain character to do a certain mission and RockStar created a fantastic story here with three diverse characters that despite their flaws, you care about. As well as a great story, GTA V features a ton of content. There are bank heists, the stock market, scuba diving, base jumping and of course a ton of other things you can run around doing. There was also Grand Theft Auto Online which was an MMO set in the GTA universe and it has built up quite the following.
A year after release, Grand Theft Auto V was released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a much higher quality and also a first person mode, a first for the series. The following year, 2015, Grand Theft Auto V was released on PC.
GTA V is regarded as one of the best games ever made. Grand Theft Auto 6 whatever it is, is going to have to be something special to top it. 
Quake Champions Not A Bigger Deal?
Quake Champions Not A Bigger Deal?
There have been some pretty big hitters when it comes to first person shooters released in the last 24 months. Games like Overwatch, Doom, Battlefront 2, COD WW II and even Titanfall 2 are making sure the FPS genre is front and center. With all the big games being released in such a short time, some will always get lost in the shuffle, one of these we feel is Quake Champions!
How is a new Quake game not a bigger deal? It is being made by Bethesda and ID so it is sure to be a lot of fun and while we have not been part of the beta or the early access. From what we have seen and heard, those who have taken part are having an awesome time. Quake Champions is going to offer a “free to play” model which may be what has made some people decide to not bother with the game or have any interest.
But as the first Quake game in over a decade, we are really quite shocked at how little attention the game has gotten. While we are running out of months in 2017. That 2017 release date Bethesda gave us is looking less and less likely. But they are supporting those early access players very well with new updates and characters (Doom Guy!) to mess around with.
As of right now, Quake Champions is only due out for PC, but Bethesda has not completely ruled out making a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 port of the game. 
The History Of The Rainbow Six | Raven Shield
The History Of The Rainbow Six 3
Get ready for some more tactical shooting action as we are now on part three of our Rainbow Six retrospective.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003) PC
In 2003, the Rainbow Six series would take a few steps towards falling in line more with what other console shooters were offering at the time. As crazy as it sounds, this is the first game to allow you to actually see your gun like in a regular first person shooter. Rainbow Six 3 would also be released on console, but those versions were vastly different
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield featured a pretty cool story that started way back in the 1940,s where there was something of an evil Croatian regime that was topped and the men behind it disappeared. The story fast forwards to modern times where Rainbow team is required to stop a range of terrorist attacks which open up a whole can of worms and have a link to events of the past. Like all Tom Clancy games it is a story full of twists and turns and it was generally very well received.
Gameplay wise, Raven Shield offered what Rainbow Six fans had come to love about the series. In depth tactical based combat. But the vastly increased amount of weapons and more action heavy sections showed that the people behind the game knew where the first person shooter genre was heading and this was their attempt to keep their current fan base all the while pulling in that hardcore FPS player.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield sold millions of copies, had many expansion packs and was critically acclaimed by nearly all who reviewed it. It still stands as one of the most popular games in the series.