The Call Of Duty WW2 Season Pass Is It Worth Getting?


The Call Of Duty WW2 Season Pass Is It Worth Getting?

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With Call Of Duty WW2 being out for over a month now, some of you who purchased just the standard version of the game may be ready for something new. You have probably completed the campaign, played each multiplayer mode to death and fought on each map so many times that you know them like the back of your hand. Season passes are the done thing in games these days and while it may be easy to point at the Call Of Duty WW2 season pass and say it is Activision being greedy, we do not actually think that it is.
The other day we covered how the first DLC for Call Of Duty WWII is called the Resistance Pack and it is offering a whole lot of content including new maps, a new War Mode scenario and much more. It is a great way that you can have some extra fun with this year’s Cal Of Duty game.
We think that before you pass it off as just a cash grab, think about how much you like Call Of Duty WWII and if you do really like the game, what harm is there in paying a little bit more to get content throughout the next year? The season pass actually gets you four new packs (including January’s Resistance Pack) and each one is bound to feature similar content so you are actually getting quite a lot of content for your money.
If you bought Call Of Duty WWII, beat the campaign, dabbled a little bit in the multiplayer and have not really touched it for a couple of weeks, the season pass is not for you. But if you still find yourself firing up the game a few times a week, maybe even daily. You will certainly feel that the Call Of Duty WWII season pass is giving you very good value for money.