Sniper Breath Mod Makes Being A Sniper More Fun


Sniper Breath Mod Makes Being A Sniper Easier And More Fun

Playing as a sniper is something I have always struggled with in games from Halo to Call Of Duty, I always take too long to take my shot and most of the time will miss! Well, one of the best mods that we have here for our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers at Mods “R” Us is Sniper Breath.
I can tell you personally that this is a mod that I use quite often in Call Of Duty, especially in Call Of Duty Black Ops III and I plan on using it in Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII too!
The problem with Sniper Breath is that in most games, you have to press in one of the analog sticks, doing this along with aiming can be really hard, awkward and just generally annoying. With the Sniper Breath mod activated, all you need to worry about is pulling on that trigger and Sniper Breath will be activated right away.
It honestly makes sniping an enemy so much easier and much more fun. Plus I have found that this has actually made be a better player in general as thanks to this mod, I have gotten much better at knowing when to take my shot, so I even play without Sniper Breath activated and have found that I am much better at using sniper rifles in general now.
Our modded controllers have a ton of great mods and while most people will be interested in things like quick scoping, fast reload, faster shooting and so on. A mod like Sniper Breath is a great way not to just give you an edge in battle, but make you a better sniper in general.