Quake Champions Not A Bigger Deal?

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Quake Champions Not A Bigger Deal?
Quake Champions Not A Bigger Deal?
There have been some pretty big hitters when it comes to first person shooters released in the last 24 months. Games like Overwatch, Doom, Battlefront 2, COD WW II and even Titanfall 2 are making sure the FPS genre is front and center. With all the big games being released in such a short time, some will always get lost in the shuffle, one of these we feel is Quake Champions!
How is a new Quake game not a bigger deal? It is being made by Bethesda and ID so it is sure to be a lot of fun and while we have not been part of the beta or the early access. From what we have seen and heard, those who have taken part are having an awesome time. Quake Champions is going to offer a “free to play” model which may be what has made some people decide to not bother with the game or have any interest.
But as the first Quake game in over a decade, we are really quite shocked at how little attention the game has gotten. While we are running out of months in 2017. That 2017 release date Bethesda gave us is looking less and less likely. But they are supporting those early access players very well with new updates and characters (Doom Guy!) to mess around with.
As of right now, Quake Champions is only due out for PC, but Bethesda has not completely ruled out making a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 port of the game.