PUBG’S Brand New Miramar Map Is On The Way For Xb1 Features New War Mode


PUBG’S Brand New Small Map “Miramar” Is On The Way For Xb1 In May 2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new war mode has been released from PUBG only available Windows PC at the moment but its planning to have some public events before its released to public. Exciting News For Xbox One players – There is some great news for you. PUBG and Microsoft have both confirmed that the Xb1 version of PUBG will finally get the games second map, Miramar in May 2018. This is not good news to everyone the some critics have said that miramars desert landscapes may lead to too many sniper rifle battles which I think is a very lame excuse but anyway its great news if you have got bored of playing on the same old map now you will 2 maps to choose from more variety is better for not getting board with the same old map with this second map which has the new “War Mode” and it sounds great. ( Looking Ahead) A new map called savage should be released soon sometime in the near future.