PUBG Patch Fixes The Xbox One Game Issues


PUBG Patch Fixes The Xbox One Game Issues

While PUBG on the Xbox One has been very popular, it is fair to say that it is not exactly been a smooth experience for many players. The last update that Bluehole Inc did on Xbox One fixed some issues, but there were other issues that happened as a result of that last update!

Well, Bluehole Inc has finally done another PUBG, Xbox One update and this time they have fixed some pretty annoying issues with the game. Here is what the patch has fixed.

The issue where you would still be able to revive a player, even when the revival was interrupted has now been fixed. Many people actually benefited from this, however, its something many of us are glad is fixed.

Your footsteps would repeat and be very loud when you reloaded certain guns like the shotgun and the revolver. It was super annoying and thankfully is no longer an issue thanks to this patch.

The B and Y buttons would still be active as if you were even battle, even when you were looking at the map. It goes without saying that this was one that should have been fixed much quicker. Some players claim that this could even cause the game to crash.

Sometimes when you would land in water the parachute cable would not go away like it should. It looked kind of funny, but it is not an issue anymore.

If you got stuck during a landing, you could not cut the parachute cable. This has also been fixed as part of this patch.