What Is It Like To Play As Thanos In Fortnite


What Is It Like To Play As Thanos In Fortnite?

By now, you fellow Fortnite players have probably spent a lot of time playing the limited time game mode, The Infinity Gauntlet which is, of course, a tie-in with the recent, Avengers Infinity War movie, which is awesome by the way.

I have played the mode a ton of times, seriously I must have played a hundred matches by now…….. and only once have I managed to get the Infinity Gauntlet! However, I am not going to complain and say that it is unfair, the mode is actually a freaking blast and I would love to see it stick around.

The time I managed to play as Thanos was pretty lucky, I and a few other players were taking him down and I just so managed to be the one to run in and grab it when he died. Playing as Thanos is a real blast. You feel so powerful and I love being in the air blasting people away. The speed at which you can kill people is great, but as the area in which this game mode takes place is so tight, you have a ton of people on your butt as soon as you get the Infinity Gauntlet.

So while you are super powered and you have a ton of health and shield, you can quickly become overwhelmed if you do not take players out quickly. I managed to get quite a few kills before eventually being taken down and I had a great time playing as Thanos and hopefully, I will manage it again at some point.

The best bit of advice that I can give you guys for this mode ism do not screw around! As the area is so tight, getting a gun…. Any gun as soon as possible is the key to survival. If you land and it takes you more than a minute to get a gun, you are done for!