Old Games Worth Revisiting Duke Nukem


Old Games Worth Revisiting: Duke Nukem

While we specialize in making modded controllers for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and even Xbox 360! But we also love to play games and today we are starting a new series where we look at an older first person shooter game that we feel is worth going back and playing.

old games worth revisiting duke nukem - sega - sony - nintendo

Worth Revisiting? Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem, (1997), Sega Saturn,Sony PlayStation,Nintendo 64

Duke Nukem needs no introduction. The first 3D Duke Nukem game on PC was a monster of a hit and in the 90’s it was decided to bring the game to consoles. Now the PlayStation version is the weakest. It is not horrible (well if you have not experienced the PC version you will not find it horrible) but it is rather unremarkable compared to what the Sega Saturn version and the Nintendo 64 version offered.

Sega Saturn: 

The first thing that is worth noting about the Sega Saturn version is that it actually supported online play. This was huge back in 1997 and it was something that the PlayStation could not match. Not too many people took advantage of this, but it was a feature that was really ahead of its time. The Sega Saturn version has a very low framerate, but many people do say that the Sega Saturn version while kind of ugly, plays better and smoother than the PlayStation version of the game. While it may look terrible by today’s standards, Duke Nukem 3D on Sega Saturn was a game many Saturn owners had a blast with.

Nintendo 64:

 Wow this should have been a smash hit! Many of the promos for Duke Nukem 3D coming to console were really hyping the Nintendo 64 version. Many changes were made to the game in terms of missing levels, added weapons and unfortunately, violence, sex, and bad language toned down (this was Nintendo in the 90’s!) so many thought they had in a way neutered Duke! But what the Nintendo 64 version had that was pretty cool was 4 player local multiplayer. Back in 1997 this was an absolute blast and while the Sega Saturn having online play may have been technically more impressive, no one really cared and it was all about that 4 player Duke action!

Unfortunately, due to the development hell Duke Nukem, Forever was in and the lack luster reception on its release. It is highly unlikely we will get another Duke game. But the console versions of can be picked up dirt cheap these days and it is worth experiencing.