Changes To Prop Hunt In COD WW2 Make It Even Better


The Changes To Prop Hunt In COD WW2 Make It Even Better

Changes To Prop Hunt In COD WW2 Make It Even Better   
As you know, I have been all about Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty WWII since it arrived as part of the Resistance Event. This is a mode I had a lot of fun with in Modern Warfare, but Sledgehammer Games have made a few tweaks to the Prop Hunt formula that make the mode even more fun.
There is less chance of the match ending in a draw thanks to the way Sledgehammer Games have factored time and kills into the formula for deciding a winner. Also when you are hiding you get the chance to earn more points depending on what you are hiding as. Hiding as something small like a crate is a lot easier than hiding than a bloody great big truck! However, if you do successfully hide as the truck, you will earn yourself some extra points for the trouble.
One thing that I love in Prop Hunt which I feel adds to the tactical aspect of it is the way you can spawn in a couple of decoys to help you out. So if you have to hide as a crate, for example, you can spawn in a couple more that you can place around you to make you look a little less suspicious. Of course, if you place these in a weird way, it is certainly going to arouse suspicion!
Unfortunately, Prop Hunt is not from what I understand going to be a full time addition to Call Of Duty WW2 which is a real shame as it is a mode that I have had a lot of fun with.