Use Prop Hunt To Get Awesome Stuff In COD WW2


How You Can Use Prop Hunt To Get Awesome Stuff In Call Of Duty WW2

Use Prop Hunt To Get Awesome Stuff In COD WWII  
It is no secret that I love Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty WW2, but today I want to tell you that as awesome as this game mode is. Rather than just jumping in an playing it over and over again, you can use Prop Hunt to help you get loot boxes and the pretty darn cool, Orso submachine gun.
When you fire up Call Of Duty WW2 and go to the multiplayer section, head over to your headquarters. Talk to Major Howard and he will give you a bunch of special orders that are part of the Resistance event. The one you want to pick is right at the bottom and it is green. The goal of this order is to play 50 online matches, doing so will unlock the Orso submachine gun.
Now the reason you are picking Prop Hunt mode is, first of all, it is a lot of fun, but Prop Hunt has some neat Resistance Orders that are related to it. One is that you need to destroy so many props and the other is that you need to finish 25 matches in Prop Mode. So as well as helping you on your way to get the Orso submachine gun, it will help you get Resistance Loot boxes as well.
I really cannot stress enough how much fun Prop Hunt is and it is awesome how you can use it to make sure you have some extra cool stuff to use in Call Of Duty WW2.