Patch For PUBG Xb1 Is On The Way

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Patch For  PUBG Xb1 Is On The Way
Patch For Xbox One Version Of PUBG Is On The Way

PUBG has taken the world by storm, but for Xb1 players (which I am) the game can be rough…. Like really rough. It is a game that I really, really want to love and when it is running good, I do have a fun time playing the game.

Xbox One PUBG players have been getting annoyed at the lack of information about a patch to fix various performance issues. For me personally, just flat out crashing is the main issue that I have had time and time again, but there are many other issues players have been happening.

On the PUBG sub Reddit, the team behind the game have said that a patch is coming and it will be here in the next few weeks, but no specific date was given. As far as what this patch is going to do, they said that the patch will be released in order to “optimization and improving stability” which sounds good to me. Not much other information has been given, but just making the gameplay better is the focus of this patch and for most of us that is all we want.

Even PUBG on Xbox One is rough! So it is not a processing power kind of issue. Hopefully, the patch that is released is going to make PUBG even more fun and to be honest with you, I think they need it as Fortnite Battle Royal is starting to become the go to battle royal game for a lot of people.

Call Of Duty WW2 The Resistance DLC Pack Details
Cod WW2 The Resistance DLC Pack Details

The Winter Siege has been a lot of fun, but we do not have to wait long for our next DLC for Call Of Duty WWII as the very first DLC pack, The Resistance is going to be available towards the end of January for ps4 and xbox one is to follow along with pc.

Three new multiplayer maps will be added which are called, Anthropoid, Occupation, and Valkyrie. Anthropoid is set in Prague, Valkyrie is set in East Russia and Occupation is actually the classic Modern Warfare 3 map, Resistance.

A new mission is being added to War Mode called, Operation Intercept. We are super happy about this as War Mode is awesome and having a new mission to do is going to be great. When playing as the Allies, you need to free some soldiers, destroy enemy equipment and lastly stop a train!

There is also a new part for Nazi Zombies called, The Darkest Shore. This takes place right after the events of Nazi Zombies and we are actually pretty excited to see what is going to happen.
Call Of Duty WWII The Resistance is going to be available on the 30th of January.

We think that there is some great stuff in this pack and if you do not have the special edition or the season pass, you should think about getting it as you are getting a lot of content for your money. January 30th is the date that Activision has said it will be available for download.  

How Was The First Call Of Duty WWII Event
How Was The First Call Of Duty WWII Event?
As I write this we are in the last week of the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event and I thought it would be good to discuss how this first event for Call Of Duty WWII was.
First of all, Call Of Duty WWII is the best value first person shooter of the last year. You get the triple threat of a great campaign, great zombies and of course the multiplayer. For the first event, Sledgehammer gave us a new Resistance class as well as some fun playlists each week, including the return of Gun Game and Prop Hunt. Two modes that many of us are hoping will stay around in Call Of Duty WWII after the event has finished.
I think that this first big event for Call Of Duty WWII was a huge success. It was five weeks of fun and it gave those of us who purchased the game on launch something new to do. The different weekly and daily orders were the perfect mix of some being suitable for everyone and others much harder and there for the players who want a bit of a challenge. I will fully admit that I did not manage them all, but I sure as hell had a lot of fun trying to.
The rewards that were dished out were more than fair and I will say that Sledgehammer Games did a great job in not just giving us all some fun content, but also in giving some pretty cool rewards as well.
I for one am looking forward to what Sledgehammer Games have in store for us with the next Call Of Duty WWII event whenever that may be. 
Action Packed Contracts Week 5 Of COD WW2 Resistance Event
Action Packed Contracts In Week 5 Of COD WW2 Resistance Event

I think that Sledgehammer Games are going all out with the final week of the Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event. The contracts so far have all been pretty doable for this first Call Of Duty WW2 event and I think that is the same with this final week.
Get 35 Kills In Any Mode: This one is very easy as you should be able to rack this amount of kills up in a day or two.
Get 35 Kills With A Pistol: Just have a day where you play only using your pistol and you will be amazed at how quick you pull this off.
Get 55 Kills In War: This could be a bit tricky depending on your play style. I tend to go for the objectives more than for kills in War Mode so I will have to spend a few games where I focus on taking the enemy down rather than going for the objectives.
Get 5 Headshots In Domination: I suck at headshots so if I do this…. It will be luck. For you skilled marksmen though, you will be able to breeze through this.
Get 30 Kills In The Resistance Division: I am going to try and do this while I do the first two and I think that is the best way to go about it.
Get 5 Headshots In Team Deathmatch: Like the headshots in Domination, I may struggle with this one, but as bad at headshots, as I am, surely I can get five? Again if you are a sharpshooter, this should be quite easy.