What Is Next For Call Of Duty?


What Is Next For Call Of Duty?

What Is Next For Call Of Duty 
We know that Call Of Duty WWII has only been out a short few weeks, but the world of Call Of Duty moves at a million miles per hour and we are thinking about the setting of the next game.
It looks like Treyarch are at the helm for the 2018 Call Of Duty game and just a few weeks ago they had a job listing for a combat systems designer and they were looking for someone who had knowledge of modern military weapons, so something that is like Modern Warfare. So could the next Call Of Duty game be set in the present? Of course, that is a big conclusion to jump to based on just one job listing, but why would they specify that if it was not what they were working on?
The fact that Call Of Duty WWII went back to World War 2 got many people excited for the game, especially after Infinite Warfare took things too far into the future in many people’s eyes. For the 2018 game, we have heard that many people wanted a Call Of Duty World At War 2 a game that was set during the first World War.
If we could pick any setting, we feel that a Call Of Duty game set during the events of the Vietnam War would be very interesting. Especially if they went all Full Metal Jacket/Apocalypse Now on it. While the multiplayer of course would be great in a setting like this. We imagine that the campaign could be something truly epic and memorable if they were to set the game during this time period.