New Xbox One PUBG Update Coming Next Week


New Xbox One PUBG Update Coming Next Week

The folks at Bluehole Inc., recently revealed that they are working on update 12 for PUBG on Xbox One. The Xbox One version of PUBG has note exactly been smooth sailing and to be honest with you, I lost interest once Fortnite hooked me. However, the iOS version really invigorated my excitement for PUBG and hearing of a new update has gotten me back into the Xbox One version.
So what is in this new PUBG update? Well it does not appear that the Miramar Map will be part of this update (although I do hope they are teasing us and it is) however from has been revealed, we do know that there are more than a few “little” fixes that are part of this update, from issues with the HUD to smaller gameplay features that can take a player out of the game.
It may not be the biggest update in the world unless they are keeping it a secret and Miramar is part of it. But continually making these fixes is going a long way to making the Xbox One version of PUBG be a more fun and playable game.
One of the most interesting things about the PUBG update schedule is the way that Bluehole Inc. plans to roll them out every couple of weeks and from what I understand when there is a big update such as the new map or an event, it is going to be rolled out with one of these regular updates and not be its own thing.
I think this is the right decision and it will do PUBG good in the long run.