New Weapons Coming To Call Of Duty WW2


New Weapons Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

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Here at Mods “R” Us are massively into Call Of Duty WWII, we spend a lot of time checking Reddit and the rest of the internet for the latest news. Well, we found out something pretty cool and that is there are some pretty awesome new weapons coming to Call Of Duty WWII.
There are 13 guns as well as some new melee weapons as well. The weapons that have been leaked are,
Gewehr 43
Type 5
Beretta 38
Breda 30
Winchester 94 Lever Action
Enfield No. 2
Walther P38
Combat Knife
Trench Knife
Of course, unless you are all up on your World War II weaponry, many of these will mean nothing to you, but even if that is the case. Having a whole host of new weapons to play with is something that sounds like a lot of fun to us.
As well as these new weapons, there is going to be a new Calling Card when you get 500 kills with each weapon. We love Calling Cards, but from what we have seen, the image of what they look like has not been leaked yet. Collecting things like this is part of what makes Call Of Duty WWII so much fun.
While not 100 percent confirmed, Sledgehammer is reportedly going to “drop” some Supply Drop variants as well. Epic Supply Drop, Legendary Supply Drop, and Weapon Supply Drop are what is said to be coming. We really like the sound of these new supply drops and are excited to see what goodies (we assume the new weapons) are going to be inside waiting for us.
Any new content to Call Of Duty WWII is something that always interests us and we hope you guys are as excited by this leak as we are.