New Overwatch Skins Require Their Own Currency


New Overwatch Skins Require Their Own Currency!

New Overwatch Skins  
We are huge fans of Overwatch and consider it to be one of the better first person shooters released the last few years. While it may have really thrust the whole loot box thing into the mainstream, many feel that Blizzard do it in a way fairer than most.
Well with Overwatch becoming more and more popular as an ESport, Blizzard has announced that Overwatch League Skins will be coming to the game. In case you did not know, this was Blizzard’s idea to make Overwatch more watchable as an ESport, by allowing a team to have their own color and logos on their characters. It is a pretty neat idea and Blizzard have said that these skins will be coming to Overwatch for regular players to enjoy.
Interestingly though, you will not be getting these Overwatch League Skins by opening a loot box like you might expect. Instead, you will be having to use a new form of currency called League Tokens, as far as we know, League Tokens only purpose in the game will be to buy these Overwatch League skins. Some people are not happy about this new currency, but we feel it is the best way to handle this. Just imagine if you have zero interest in ESports, open a loot box and instead of getting that awesome Soldier 76 skin you have been wanting for ages, you get some random ESports team skin that you have never heard of!
All the details have not yet been given, but we do know that when the system launches, Blizzard is giving all players enough League Tokens to buy one Overwatch League Skin so at least we can all see what the fuss is about.