Prop Hunt Mode Is Coming To Call Of Duty WWII


Prop Hunt Mode Is Coming To Call Of Duty WWII

Prop Hunt Is Coming To Call Of Duty WW2
To say that I have been having a blast with Call Of Duty WWII is a huge understatement and I am super pumped for the first DLC pack. The resistance is a limited time community event which starts on the 23rd of January. Included with this is a brand new Resistance Division which will have its own gear. A bunch of new weapons, double XP, Demolition Mode and most surprisingly of all, Prop Hunt Mode.
Prop Hunt Mode was kind of sneaked in here and many people did not even realize that it was part of this community event. Prop Hunt is a game mode that is just all about fun and having a good time with people online. If you do not know exactly what Prop Hunt is, let me explain it a little bit to you.
Call Of Duty WWII does have a few kind of stealthy sections, but Prop Hunt takes it to a new level. It is a team based mode where one team is tasked with hunting down the other team who are hiding. What makes this such a fun mode is that you get to hide as random objects like a bucket or a crate. It is up to the other team to figure out what seems out of place and blow it away!
Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty WWII is not a game mode that is meant to be taken seriously and if you are looking for a distraction to give you and your buddies some laughs, you will have a great time with Prop Hunt mode.