New Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Modes


New Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Modes

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In a recent interview, Michael Condrey one of the brains behind Call Of Duty WWII was speaking about the game. He was talking about the future of the game and how excited people were for Gun Game coming back.
One game mode that was discussed was Ground War and if that was in the plans to return to Call Of Duty WWII. Unfortunately, Ground War is not coming to WWII. The reasons that he gave for this were that the maps are simply not built for this kind of game mode. Ground War was all about 9 V 9 and he says that the maps would not be suited for this.
Also, he makes the point that the “lack” of game modes was done on purpose to keep the community more together and lobby times down to a minimum. We know that this kind of sucks, but at least there is a reason for it and to be honest getting a game in Call Of Duty WWII takes no time at all so they are clearly on the right track here.
While he did not say what new game modes would be coming to Call Of Duty, he did mention that they are looking to add new modes to the game. So we can say for pretty certain that there are new multiplayer modes coming to Call Of Duty WWII, but what these are is a mystery to us.
One thing that I personally would love to see is not actually a brand new game mode, but more done with WAR mode. WAR mode was one of the best additions to Call Of Duty WWII and many of us would love to see more maps, more objectives and extra things added to this.