Tips For Nazi Zombies In Call Of Duty World War 2


Tips For Nazi Zombies In Call Of Duty World War II


We are having an awesome time with Nazi Zombies in Call Of Duty World War II and today we have some tips to help you out.
Keep On Movie
Zombies come out of nowhere in this game! Standing in one place too long is just asking for a horde to close in on you. Always try to keep on the move, even when shooting standing still to take a shot is most of the time going to result in an attack from behind or the side.
Have A Plan
Each wave is slightly different with some being harder than others. Plan with your team what the goal is, getting through it? unlocking a new area? Getting upgrades? Or whatever. Do not try and actually unlock something on a harder wave when survival and getting through it should be your main goal.
Use Melee Attacks Early On
First of all, you get more jolts per kill by doing this. But the first few waves, it is actually possible to take the majority of enemies down with the shovel. You can make some major extra jolt this way which can come in handy for buying stuff in the later waves.
Upgrade At An Efficient Pace
By the time you reach wave 5, your default gun is useless and each zombie will take a ton of hits. Make sure you are upgrading your weapon every few waves. The zombies take more damage as the waves move on, so you need to make sure the weapon you have is up to the task.
Reload, Reload, Reload!
If you have a spare second to breath in the game you better reload, if you are running away from a horde and have a split second, reload! You never want to walk around a blind corner in Nazi Zombies with a clip that is not fully loaded.