More Game Modes Coming To Call Of Duty WW2


Lots Of Game Modes Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

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It seems like we cannot go more than a day without some kind of Call Of Duty WWII leak happening! Well, another one has taken place and this time it was from a very reliable source, a YouTuber who has leaked a ton of content from past Call Of Duty games.
Probably the most exciting thing that was revealed was that Gun Game is coming back. Many of us have had a blast with this mode over the years and found it odd that it was not in Call Of Duty WWII from the start. It is the mode where you start with a random gun and then each kill you get will make you change to a new gun.
Infected will be back and you can smash people in with a shovel when you are the one who is infected, this was one of the more fun modes from Infinite Warfare so it will be interesting to see if it is as much fun, without the robots!
It was also revealed that many more “objective based” game modes will be coming back such as Lockdown, Demolition, and Control. As well as the game modes a whole host of guns was also revealed in this leak.
While the leak was very exciting, no details are known on how this is going to be rolled out. Are all these new Call Of Duty WWII game modes going to come in one big update or are Sledgehammer going to roll them out slowly? Also now that we think about it, why the heck was most of these not included from launch? Perhaps the addition of War Mode is the reason why as Sledgehammer and Activision wanted all eyes on that?