Microtransactions Have Arrived In Call Of Duty WW2


Microtransactions Have Arrived In Call Of Duty WW2

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We all knew they were coming, but Sledgehammer decided to work on fixing the various issues and bugs with the game before asking people to spend more money on it, which is kind of noble if you ask us. Of course, the debacle that was the Star Wars Battlefront II launch and the backlash with Microtransactions in regards to that probably helped their decision to delay them too.
To be honest with you, Microtransactions in Call Of Duty WWII are just like they have been the last few games. You can buy Call Of Duty points that come in packs starting with 200 for just a couple of bucks, all the way up to 13,000 which costs 100 bucks. Most people are reporting that since the update that made these go live, they have been giving 200 Call Of Duty Points for free so you might as well use them.
You can use these to buy supply drops (loot boxes) that contain items which you can use for the regular game and Zombies mode. You can, of course, spend them on other things too, but clearly, the supply drops are what Sledgehammer are hoping most people will spend them on.
If you have played Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered or Infinite Warfare, you know what to expect with these Microtransactions. They are no better or worse than what any other game is doing and you have to remember that they are totally optional so you do not have to buy them.
We knew that Microtransactions were coming to Call Of Duty WWII, but we did think that they would hold off a little longer, due to the bad press things like loot boxes and Microtransactions have at the moment.