What Would Have Made The Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign Better


What Would Have Made The Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign Better?

Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign  
Let me start by saying I do not think the campaign is bad at all. However, I just recently played through it for the second time on Xbox One X and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on what I feel could have been added to make the campaign even more epic.
More Pierson
The most interesting character in Call Of Duty WWII for me was Pierson. First time I played through the campaign, I was not sure what to think about him, even after the reveal of what really happened at the Battle of Kasserine. However, I really do think that delving into his backstory a bit more, even letting us play a flashback of the Battle of Kasserine would have been great.
More Stealth
A couple of sections let you play as someone else other than Daniels. Rousseau was a very intriguing character who was a French resistance fighter who lost her husband and son at the hands of the Nazi’s. You get to play with her as she infiltrates a Nazi stronghold and the whole level is full of tension and drama. I would have loved more of this, maybe a section playing as Zuss right at the end?
More Optional Objectives
One of the things that you can do in the Call Of Duty WWII campaign is save a fallen soldier. Some levels have two, but it is usually three that you can drag to safety (which for some reasons makes the camera go to hell). I am not saying I would have liked more of this, but more optional objectives in general. There is another mission where you can decide to kill a certain Nazi official or you can not bother. I would have liked more things like this. Blow up that truck with supplies, take down that intelligence officer, save those men and so on.
In all the Call Of Duty WWII campaign is one of the best the series has had in a while and even playing through it a second time was a lot of fun.