Is Call Of Duty WW2 The Last Of Its Kind


Is Call Of Duty WW2 The Last Of Its Kind?

It may seem a little strange to be talking in a kind of nostalgic tone about a game that is not even a year old, a game that still has a lot of DLC and community events to offer us.
But let’s face it, as much as we have all loved Call Of Duty WW2, we have all had our attention stolen a little bit by Black Ops IIII. Black Ops 4 seems like it could signal the next evolution in the Call Of Duty series where there is no campaign and the focus is all on the multiplayer.
I have talked about this before and if that is the case, Call Of Duty WW2 could very well be the last of this style of Call Of Duty. A game where you have a campaign that if it were released under any other name would be praised by the masses (why people hate on the COD campaigns, I have no idea!) a robust multiplayer that is supported for the whole year after release, a zombies mode that is also heavily story driven and DLC that has a lot of substance to it.
It has been said a million times, but Call Of Duty WW2 really is the complete package when it comes to first person shooters. While it may be “cool” to hate on the series. Those of us who play and enjoy it realize how hard the folks at Sledgehammer, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward work, especially given the tight deadline each studio has.
While I am of course looking forward to what Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 offers. I think it is a damn shame that there is talk of it cutting out the campaign and putting in a Battle Royale mode in its place. I may be greedy here, but why can we not have both?