Is Call Of Duty WW2 Going To Be The Biggest Selling COD Game?


Is Call Of Duty WW2 Going To Be The Biggest Selling COD Game?

Call Of Duty WW2 May Be The Biggest Selling COD Game  
To say that Call Of Duty WW2 is a monster of a hit is a huge understatement. Despite only being released a few months before the end of the year, Call Of Duty WW2 was the biggest selling game of 2017 and that has continued all the way into 2018 and it shows no signs of slowing down.
With the Call Of Duty Resistance Pack here, more people are probably going to pick the game up. I could not find the exact sales figures for Call Of Duty WW2, however, over in the UK, it has reached a series milestone as it has spent its tenth week at the top of the UK sales chart. Not only that it has been said that it sold over 60 percent more copies than Infinite Warfare which sold over 11 million copies. If you do the math, Call Of Duty WW2 has to be at the 20 million mark at least so it is not totally unrealistic that in the next six months or so it could surpass, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 which is the biggest selling game in the series with over 30 million copies sold.
I think the reason that this most recent COD is doing so well is all down to it not just returning to World War II. It is because it is one of the finest first person shooters of the last few years. It features an awesome campaign (that I have played through twice) a robust multiplayer mode, a fantastic zombies mode and it is going to be supported very well with DLC throughout the year. Even if you do not spend a penny on the DLC, you are still getting a ton of content for your money with just the basic package.
Sledgehammer Games deserve all the praise they are getting for Call Of Duty WW2 and it would be great for them if they manage to take the Call Of Duty sales record.