Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII Campaign


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Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII Campaign

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII Campaign


So after hitting the local store to get my copy of Call Of Duty WWII at midnight, the campaign was the first thing that was put through its paces. A lot of people like to put down the COD campaigns, but I have always enjoyed them and the one Sledgehammer have put in Call Of Duty WWII so far from what I have played is fantastic.

You play the role of Private Red Daniels and you get to experience the horrors of World War 2 such as D-Day and going through the war torn parts of Europe. What really makes the story though is the interaction with the characters. There are some very well made cutscenes that drive the narrative and while the Nazi’s are the enemy. There is a clear tension between the troops due to the stress they are feeling, their fear and the horrors that they are experiencing. It is very well done and you could argue that it is the best written Call Of Duty campaign so far.

While there is a lot of emotion driving the story as Red and the squad is doing all they can to survive all the while trying their best to also do what they can to swing the war in the Allies favor. As you would expect, there are some epic action set pieces that look like something out of a Hollywood action movie, it is so well done that one minute you are kind of down as the cutscene may be kind of heavy, but then all hell is let loose and there is bullets flying, tanks, explosions and all other kinds of mayhem.

Many people will have picked up or downloaded their copy of Call Of Duty WWII and just jumped straight into multiplayer, but the campaign is well worth playing. It reportedly only lasts for about 6 hours so it is well worth getting into.

Call Of Duty WWII Campaign
Call Of Duty WWII Campaign
Thoughts On Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign
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