Call Of Duty WWII Teething Problems During Opening Weekend


Call Of Duty WWII Teething Problems During Opening Weekend


Let us start today’s blog post by telling you that we feel, Sledgehammer Games have created something awesome with Call Of Duty World War II. The beta was fun and playing the campaign, while short was an excellent experience.

However, most of us, buy COD each year for the multiplayer and Friday and Saturday were both pretty rough when it came to playing online. It was very, very hard for most people to get into a game and those of us that did so at the expense of having to wait for ages! It was kind of frustrating, but then when you would get in a game it would be worthwhile because while familiar, Call Of Duty WW II is one of the best Call Of Duty games in years.

Now here is the thing, if you look online, some people are acting like the whole weekend was a nightmare and to be fair while it was hard to get into a game on Friday and Saturday, most people found that by Sunday, things had started to get better and the servers were starting to cope much better. The opening weekend of a Call Of Duty game is always going to be super busy so problems are to be expected. While it was a little frustrating, we hope that those who did have a tough time getting into a game on Friday and Saturday gave the campaign a chance as it is well worth a play through.

We are very excited to play more Call Of Duty World War II and we are sure by the time the first week is over, Sledgehammer will have released a patch that will make matchmaking more smooth.