Is Call Of Duty WWII The Best FPS Of 2017?


Is Call Of Duty WWII The Best FPS Of 2017?

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While Call Of Duty WWII may have only been out for around a week by the time you read this. Here at Mods “R” Us, we have been amazed at what a great job, Sledgehammer Games have done with it. Sure, we would have liked a few more maps in War Mode, but as it is, Call Of Duty WWII is a game that is giving us gamers a lot of bang for our buck.

Now we are huge COD fans so you might say that we are a bit biased and to be fair as we write this, Star Wars Battlefront II has not yet been released, but as of right now, Call Of Duty WWII is the best first person shooter of 2017!

That is a pretty bold statement, but we are having a hard time thinking of another first person shooter that is offering as much gameplay as this does. We are not even talking about any of the DLC that is coming or the extra map packs if you have the special edition or the season pass. Just as it is, the bog standard, Call Of Duty WWII, you are getting great value for your money.

To start with the campaign is excellent, it is like you are playing a role in some kind of big time action movie and it is awesome! The multiplayer is as good as it has ever been and we are happy to say that the waiting times seem to have been reduced dramatically already and then there is Zombies and War Mode, two excellent side modes that themselves provide hours and hours of fun. Forget first person shooters, we are having a hard time thinking of another game that offers this kind of value in general!

People like to trash talk Activision and they do make some very cash grab and ant consumer decisions. But the fact is, if you bought Call Of Duty WWII and did not spend a penny on any DLC or loot boxes, you are still getting a game with a ton of content.