How To Level Up Faster In Call Of Duty WW2


How To Level Up Faster In Call Of Duty WW2

Call of Duty Controllers Xbox One  
We love Call Of Duty WWII and with the Thanksgiving Double XP Weekend here, we thought we would give you some tips on ways you can make the most of it and level up even faster!

Play War Mode

War Mode is already a ton of fun, but if you play it correctly, you can really rack up some major XP. By playing it correctly, we mean actually completing your objectives and not just running around killing people. War Mode can be a gold mine if you are completing objectives and picking up a win, even more so this weekend.
Hardpoint And Domination Are Good Too
We get that a game of War Mode can last quite a while, but if you want something quick, fast and more traditional Call Of Duty, we suggest you play as many games of Hardpoint and Domination as you can. Do not just try and survive though, get in there, get the objectives done and get the matches over as quickly as possible, you can really make some nice XP this way.
WWII Orders And Contracts
Ok so WWII Orders tend to be supply drops, but we have gotten some nice XP boosts by completing WWII. Likewise taking the time to do some of the contracts, ones that you are actually good at is a fantastic way for you to earn a little extra XP on top of what you are already doing, especially during the Call Of Duty WWII Double XP Weekend.
The is no shortcut to getting XP in Call Of Duty, but make sure when you are in a game, you actually play and if it is an objectives based game mode, do the objectives, you do this and you will notice your XP really start to increase.