How To Level Up Fast In Call Of Duty WW2 – What Is Next For Battlefield 2018

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How To Level Up Fast In Call Of Duty WW2
How To Level Up Fast In Call Of Duty WW2

No doubt a lot of you reading this woke up on Christmas morning and found that Santa left you a nice copy of Call Of Duty WW2. For those of you who are new to the game, I wanted to share some easy ways that you can level up pretty quickly all the while having fun.
Domination Mode: In this mode, you want to make sure that you are actually doing the objective. You get a ton of XP for taking over and holding the zones so do not just focus on running around killing people, make taking care of the zones your priority and you will make far more XP.
Hardpoint: In this mode, you need to hold a point that keeps moving around the map. The real kicker here is to kill people while you are holding the point and you will make some serious XP!
Team Deathmatch: Ahh the old classic! If you find doing objectives in Domination and Hardpoint tough, just running around killing as many people as you can is how you can have fun and make XP in the process.
War Mode: I love War Mode and it can be great for earning XP. If you are in the target area when an objective is being completed, you will make a nice extra bonus when it comes to XP. This is not really for beginners, but War Mode, once you get used to what the objectives are, can really level you up quickly. 
What Is Next For Battlefield 2018
What Is Next For Battlefield?

Battlefield 1 was a monster of a hit and it is still being supported via updates to this day, it seems like all the major updates that we are getting are out of the way and Dice are cooking something big for 2018, but what could it be?
There have been many rumors this week about a new Battlefield game coming in 2018, if you really dig deep, it actually sounds like two games could be in the works. The first rumor was that Battlefield Bad Company 3 was the game that would be released in 2018 and a popular YouTuber who “leaked” this information even made claims that it would have a Vietnam setting. This has been quite widely debunked since it was announced, but many people still feel that Bad Company 3 is in the works as we speak.
If it is not Battlefield Bad Company 3 then what is it? Well, it does seem like the next Battlefield game could be set during World War II. COD had phenomenal success with Call Of Duty WWII so it makes sense that Dice would be interested in making a game based on this. Plus with how good Battlefield 1 was, we would love to see this current team take a crack at WWII as we are sure they would do an amazing job.
No matter what kind of game we get, be it a WWII Battlefield or a return to the Bad Company series, it is almost certain that 2018 is going to see a new Battlefield game released!
How Good Are The New Call Of Duty WW2 Dlc Resistance Maps
How Good Are The New Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Maps?
So like most of you fellow PlayStation 4 Call Of Duty WW2 players, I have spent the last day playing The Resistance, the first DLC pack. This will be available on Xbox One in the coming weeks so do not worry. While I am far from an expert on these new maps just yet (and I probably never will be) I wanted to share my early thoughts on them.
Anthropoid: This map is set in Prague and I really like the style. Out of the three maps, I feel this one looks the best. It is a pretty open map, but there are a few indoor sections and alleyways, which you can use by the way to lure enemies into an ambush. I think that this is the best map out of the three and so far the one that I have managed to have the best matches in.
Occupation: I did not get as much time to play this map as the others as I struggled to get into a game here. I think that this map is more about balls to the wall action. The matches I played here offered no strategies and were just a full on war! It was a lot of fun and while I only have played a couple matches here so far, I did have fun and how creepy is that butcher shop????
Valkyrie: This appears to be the map that most people like best and I can see why. The war torn surroundings look great and I like how there are so many different rooms and buildings that you can duck into. If you are the kind of Call Of Duty WWII player who loves to use the map to their advantage and have a bit of strategy, you are going to have a lot of fun with this map.
So far these new maps are a great addition to COD WWII and really do make the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance DLC feel like you are getting a lot of value for your money.