How To Kick Butt In Gun Game Cod WWII


How To Kick Butt In Gun Game Cod WWII

Gun Game is a huge focus of the third week of the Resistance Event in Call Of Duty WWII. Gun Game is a mode that I have enjoyed for many years and actually, in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, I would say that it is the mode that I spent the most time with. I wanted to share a few of the things that have helped me in Gun Game and hopefully, they will help you with this week’s daily and weekly orders.

Keep On Moving: Even if you get a sniper rifle! I know that some people like to lay in wait, kind of like a spider. For me, the best way to get through a game of Gun Game is to keep moving. Just keep on running and never stay in one place too long. Run and gun is the way to go in Gun Game.

Knife As A Last Resort: While sending someone back can be rather amusing. You can bet they will come looking for revenge and do the same to you! I only ever use my knife if it is an extreme last close combat resort type of deal. I know that weekly or daily orders may make you use the knife, however, in general, I find it best to save it for emergencies.

Do Not Look At The Score: I know it is hard to do, but try not to obsess with what gun you are on. It will drive you crazy and when you are not thinking straight, you make mistakes! Gun Game requires you to be “on” and you cannot be on if you are worried that everyone is on the fifth gun and you are still on gun number 3.