Has The Second Call Of Duty WWII DLC Pack Been Outed


Has The Second Call Of Duty WW2 DLC Pack Been Outed

I have been very vocal about how much I loved the Resistance DLC that Sledgehammer Games released. The event and the actual DLC that has been released for Call Of Duty WWII so far has been fantastic and I honestly believe that if you like Call Of Duty WWII, that the season pass is actually great value for money as they are giving you some great content.
I found out about this on Reddit after it was leaked on the Micromania website. On there it was said that the next Call Of Duty DLC pack will be called The War Machine and that it will be released on PlayStation 4 on April 10th. It seems pretty legit and the source that has revealed this has had some good information before that has proven to be legit. The only thing that is weird is that the age rating was listed as 7! This though must be a mistake.
Of course, the big question is what can we expect from the Call Of Duty WWII DLC 2 pack? A new chapter in Nazi Zombies is a must and that is one of the things I am most looking forward to, I am loving this more story driven zombies that is in COD WWII.
I think a new War Mode scenario is going to be included too. I have loved War Mode and in the last DLC pack, we got an epic new scenario that featured a breathtaking section on a train, that is actually one of my favorite parts in Call Of Duty WWII so far.
Of course new maps, weapons, and skins are going to be included as well. With the Call Of Duty WWII The War Machine being so close to release we can expect Activision to put out a real press release on it soon.