Halo Retrospective Part 9: Halo Spartan Assault

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Halo Retrospective Part 9: Halo Spartan Assault
Halo Retrospective Part 9: Halo Spartan Assault
While our modded Xbox One controllers and our modded Xbox 360 controllers are perfect for the Halo saga. Today we are looking at a different kind of Halo game!
Halo Spartan Assault (2013) Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC
Halo Spartan Assault is a very different kind of Halo game. Microsoft had success with the other spin off Halo game, Halo Wars. So it was decided to try something different once again with the Halo series. Released in 2013 as a downloadable title, the game offered 25 missions of shooting action.
Halo Spartan Assault is a top down, twin stick, arcade style shooter. Think of Smash TV and you will have a good idea of what to expect. One analog stick controls movement and the other controls your shooting. It can take a little while to get used to, but once you do it is second nature.
The idea of this game is that it is just balls to the wall action, shoot what you can and survive as long as you can. With plenty of power ups to pick up, you really do feel like you are a powerful Spartan as you take down wave after wave of Covenant soldiers.
The story of the game is set between the events of Halo 3 and 4. You play the role of Edward Davis and Sarah Palmer and despite the game being an arcade style shooter. The story is pretty interesting and if you are a fan of Halo, you will get a real kick out of seeing the story fleshed out just that little bit more.
Halo Spartan Assault is a fun game, but a game that not everyone was super into at the time it was released. If you like arcade style shooters then you will have a lot of fun with this. If you just want more FPS action, Halo Spartan Assault may not be for you.