Call Of Duty And Halo Added To Esports Open Tour


Call Of Duty And Halo Added To Esports Open Tour

Call Of Duty And Halo Added To Esports Open Tour  
As I am a huge fan of Call Of Duty WWII, I have been looking for any news on the next update. In my search, I found out about a new Esports tournament that is called the Esports Open Tour. This is going to be online and LAN tournaments and the main games that are being featured are Call Of Duty WWII and Halo, they do not specify which Halo, but it is safe to assume that it is Halo 5.
The first tournament that I found out about is the New Jersey Open and this is a LAN tournament that is going to take place on the 23rd of February and last until the 26th. The Call Of Duty WWII side of the Esports Open Tour will feature 128 teams a Halo will have 64. Esports is picking up some major team and seeing an Esports event that is taking the form of a national tour is very interesting. What is cool is that pretty much anyone who is willing to buy a pass can try their luck so if you have the cash, it could be a way for you to get into the world of Esports.
All of the events have not yet been announced, but the grand final is going to be held in October. I think that this sounds very interesting and Call Of Duty WWII has not yet quite broken into the world of Esports so I hope that these guys manage to pull this off and I will be excited to check this out. I was actually really into Halo so I am hoping this will reignite that fire not just for me, but other Halo fans who sort of lost interest.