Gibraltar Shotgun Domination Call Of Duty WW2-PUBG Mobile Fixes For "PUBG Mobile" Error Message

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Gibraltar Shotgun Domination Call Of Duty WW2
Gibraltar Shotgun Domination Call Of Duty WW2
Quick Scope Your Way To Victory With Our Controller Mods
Sniper Quick Scope Your Way To Victory!
Over the next few days, we are showcasing some of the cool mods that our Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers have and today we are looking at one that has personally saved my butt and made my life easier on many occasions, Quick Scope!
Quick Scope is awesome as it allows you to basically run and gun around a map with a sniper rifle! You can quickly pull your sniper rifle out as if it were a regular gun and shoot a guy at point blank range without having to go into the scope which as you know those extra couple of seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Our Quick Scope Mod on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is really neat in that you can actually pick how quick you want the shot to happen. So you can have a play around and find which setting works best for your play style.
There is just something so cool about taking an enemy down with a Quick Scope close range sniper rifle shot. With how powerful a sniper rifle is in pretty much every Call Of Duty game (and every other shooter game for that matter) when you do Quick Scope an enemy 99/100 you are going to be doing a one hit kill which is pretty awesome.
While most people will be using Quick Scope for close range kills, if you are like me and are just horrible at using a sniper rifle, you can use it so that you can quickly do a sniper shot from distance.
PUBG Mobile Fixes For “PUBG Mobile” Error Message
PUBG Mobile has released in the U.S.A & Europe without many problems  some of the PUBG players are having trouble with a internet error message while the game is booting/loading. If seen the message below on an Android or iOS device we can help you fix it permanently.
This error message says “PUBG MOBILE” a VPN should fix the problem.
How To fix “PUBG MOBILE” error.
Follow the steps below
*Go to Google Play or App Store & download Opera Free VPN
*Once its open click the “Connect” button to connect to the VPN.
*You will automatically connect to a VPN dont change any settings here.
*Then close all apps then restart PUBG and start playing the game problem is now fixed.
Drop Shot Controller Mod For Call Of Duty
Drop Shot Controller Mod For Call Of Duty!
Drop Shot is one of my personal favorite mods (I seem to say that a lot) that we have on our controllers. I have used it in Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare and even the most recent, Call Of Duty WWII and I find I do so much better with it.
You know when you are playing Call Of Duty and you think you have an enemy, but then out of nowhere, they are on the floor, shooting at you? Well, that is what Drop Shot does. It takes away the need for you to have to press in the analog stick twice in order to lay on the floor. The moment you pull the trigger to shoot, you will be on the floor.
It makes you a much better player and I will say that it is a lot of fun to use. It is also great if you want to learn how to Drop Shot on your own as it will help you realize what are the best situations to utilize it.
Drop Shot is just one of many mods that we have on our controllers, but I would say that it is one of the best if you find yourself (no matter the version of Call Of Duty you are playing) one on one with the enemy quite often.

USS Texas Gameplay Call Of Duty WWII – Gibraltar Shotgun Domination Call of Duty WW2

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USS Texas Gameplay Call Of Duty WWII
Gibraltar Shotgun Domination Call of Duty WW2