Ghost Recon Wildlands New Updated Patch 1.19


Ghost Recon Wildlands 1.19 patch The newest patch for Ubisoft’s ghost recon wildlands is supposed to repair a the video game’s 1.18 patch. The update isn’t ready yet for Xbox players yet but it will be coming very soon.Three new classes –  Stalker, Trapper, Guerrilla.Trapper is a Marksman that has both a passive capacity. The passive potential permanently marks downed enemies on the hud & map for all teammates to see. His lively capability lets him location knock out fuel traps from a distance damaging enemies that enter their area. Stalker – The Stalker is a Marksman has two passive advantage. Enemies beyond a certain distance will now not hear shots or see any sound markers. The enemies marked by the Stalker do not get hold of any notification as long as no other players marks them. These abilities allow the Stalker to quietly follow their prey from lengthy range before silently taking them out.Guerrilla – The Guerrilla is a support class using a drone that  shoots smoke grenades. All gamers interior of the smoke radius are unmarked which means they develop into unmarked in the event that they were marked and additionally drones aiming or binoculars can not mark them. The smoke has many tactical uses. Two New Maps Refinery – This manufacturing facility is the greatest cocaine lab in bolivia.With large defender area and numerous pathways this map permits for distinct gameplay and extraction tactics.Cliffside – Once a riot stronghold, this village is now beneath the watch of the Santa Blanca. With many snipping vantage features this map offers new tactics for extraction mode.