Gears Of War Active Reload Controller Mod

Gears Of War Active Reload Controller Mod
Gears Of War Active Reload Mod

Active Reload Mod Gears Of War
Active Reload Mod For Gears Of War

Here at Mods “R” Us, we have just introduced our new and awesome Mod Controllers which has gotten a lot of positive praise from you guys. One of the mods that we have on this controller which we think is really, really cool is Active Reload. Active Reload is a feature that is used in all Gears Of War Games.

1) where the idea is that if you hit the RB button just at the right time as you are reloading, you will reload much quicker. You mess it up and your reload takes longer.

Our Active Reload mod is just perfect, it really is. If you are playing online, either in a team death match kind of game or taking on a horde with your buddies. Being a master of the Active Reload is quite often the difference between surviving a battle or ending up dead!

You will never have to worry about messing up an Active Reload with this mod! It all happens in real time and each time you reload your weapon, Active Reload will kick in and make sure you get a fast reload so you are ready to blow the enemy away.

We have a lot of fun talking about the different mods that our controllers offer and while most people think of them as something you would use with a first person shooter. The Active Reload mod shows that our controllers work just as well with 3rdperson shooters as well.

Battlefield Controller Mod Auto Spot
Battlefield Auto Spot Mod

Get A Edge With Auto Spot Xbox One Battlefield
Get A Edge With Auto Spot

If you have looked at some of our controllers we have right here. Then one feature you may have noticed is Auto Spot. For those of you who are just Call Of Duty players (not that there is anything wrong with that) you may be wondering what this is. But for Battlefield 1 players, Auto Spot is a huge feature and just what they will need to give their team the edge in battle.

The way that Auto Spot works is that when you have the mod turned on your controller. Once an enemy has been spotted, they will appear on all your teammate’s maps. This means that you have a clear advantage in battle and it will help you get the drop on this unsuspecting enemy! It is actually a lot of fun when you use this and then organize a surprise attack on the enemy. You can even get some extra points everyone and again when you use this just right and take a bad guy down.

We feel that Auto Spot is the kind of mod that does give you the edge in battle. But it is also just so much fun to use. It can help you communicate better with your teammates and it is the best way to stop the enemy from getting the drop on you. It is a feature that any Battlefield 1 player is going to love to make use of.