New 5 Day Call Of Duty Event Lets You get COD Points For Free


New 5 Day Call Of Duty Event Lets You get COD Points For Free!

The Blitzkrieg event has just ended, but that has not stopped Sledgehammer Games! While all the eyes of the world may be on what Treyarch are teasing with Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII, Call Of Duty WWII has another five day event for us.

This event is running from the 5th to the 10th of May and it is called, War Bonds. It is not like The Resistance or Blitzkrieg and it is a much simpler event, but it certainly gives you a reason to play a little more Call Of Duty WWII.

You can earn 500 COD points by taking part in this event you can get supply drops thanks to the COD points and also the chance to earn a free supply drops due to spending COD points.

The way this event works is very simple. You get your first 200 points as you “Hit The Front” this is earned by just signing into the game. Then you can get another 100 points as you “Get Intel” this is just signing up for the newsletter. The final 200 points can be earned as you “Fight On” all you have to do here is complete 10 multiplayer games!

It is a very easy way to earn some valuable COD points and it is cool how they have put this together so quickly after the last event. Sure it is not as in depth or full on as the Blitzkrieg one, but it shows that Sledgehammer Games are not done with this game just yet. Make sure you get on this fast as Call Of Duty WWII War Bonds is only running for five days.